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Dietary patterns and odds of Type 2 diabetes in Beirut, Lebanon: a case-control study.

Differences in food consumption according to weight status and physical activity levels among Greek children between 1992/93 and 2006/07.

Effect of a moderately hypoenergetic Mediterranean diet and exercise program on body cell mass and cardiovascular risk factors in obese women.

Effect of Figs Fruit (Ficus carica L.) and its Leaves on Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Effect of Mediterranean diet on lipid peroxidation marker TBARS in obese patients with OSAHS under CPAP treatment: a randomised trial.

Effect of prickly pear consumption on some biological and biochemical changes in hyperglycemic injured rats

Evaluation of seasonality on total water intake, water loss and water balance in the general population in Greece.

Factor analysis in the identification of dietary patterns and their predictive role in morbid and fatal events.

Fish dietary patterns in the eutrophic Lake Volvi (East Mediterranean)

Fish ingredients in online recipes do not promote the sustainable use of vulnerable taxa

Flaxseed oil does not affect inflammatory markers and lipid profile compared to olive oil, in young, healthy, normal weight adults.

Food consumption patterns in an adult urban population in Beirut, Lebanon.

Food habits in a southern Italian town (Nicotera) in 1960 and 1996: still a reference Italian Mediterranean diet?

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